Visas for Brazil

Tourist and Business Visa Requirements

Before You Begin



The Brazilian Consulate requires the completion of an online application form from all visa applicants. It is mandatory, no exceptions. If for any reason you are unable to complete the online application form VP2Go can complete the online application for you for an additional fee (please see visa fees > Online Application Handling fee below).




Visa Requirements

  1. Completed VP2Go Visa Order Form
    • Visa fees are listed below
  1. Valid and Signed Passport
    • Passports must be valid for at least 6 months
    • Unsigned passports will be returned to the traveler, thus will delay visa processing.
  1. One (1) Passport Quality Photo
    • Cannot be the same photo as in passport
    • Photo must be taken against a pure WHITE background. Photos displaying non-white background are subject to consular scrutiny.
    • The applicant is required to present a frontal view to the camera with the entire head and face clearly visible
    • Must have been taken within the last 6 months
    • Must be printed on photo paper. Standard printer paper is not acceptable.
    • Must be a high quality photo. Photos that are too pixilated or blurry will not be accepted
  1. Copy of your airline ticket, travel agent itinerary, or e-ticket confirmation
    • Must have your name listed
  1. Proof of Address
    • Please provide ONE of the following. Proof of address must clearly show your name and address.
      • Valid Driver’s License
      • Valid State Issued ID
      • Copy of Water, Gas, OR electric bill
  1. Copy of Most Recent Bank Statement 
    • Account number can be blacked-out for security purposes. Please provide a statement showing your name and total funds available.
  1. Completed Brazilian Visa Application Form  
    • The Brazil Visa application form is an online form
      • If for any reason you are unable to complete the form online, or upload your documents, complete the PDF/Handwrite version of the form instead. VP2Go will complete the online application for you for an additional fee (please see visa fees > Online Application Handling fee below).
      • Please click HERE to begin the online form
        1. At the top right hand corner, change preferred language to ENGLISH
        2. Select “VISA”
        3. Proceed through each page
        4. Upload photo, signature, and all supporting documents on final page
          • Applications that do not have all documents uploaded will be charged the Upload Fee. VP2Go will upload the missing document upon receipt of your documents.
        5. Print and sign a copy of the “receipt” upon completion


  1. Business Visa Applicants only: In addition to the items above please obtain and send the following.
    • Letter of Invitation from inviting organization in Brazil
    • Letter of Guarantee from your company/employer in the United States.

Business Letter Requirements

      • Must be on company letterhead
      • Both letters must be addressed to “Embassy of Brazil, Consular Section, USA”.
      • Traveler’s full name must be included. Missing middle names may result in rejection of visa request.
      • Purpose of travel
      • Contact person in Brazil and their contact information
      • MUST INCLUDE THE STATEMENT “___________(traveler’s full name)  is traveling to Brazil to participate in business meetings and discussions only. No technical work will be involved.”
        • Letters that do not include this statement will result in visa denial
      • Financial Guarantee
      • Can be signed by any official within the company, except the traveler.
  1. Minors: If the applicant is younger than 18 years old the application must be signed by both parents and/or guardians.
    • Completed Minor Authorization letter (please contact VP2Go for the letter of your jurisdiction.
    • Copy of both parent’s passport photo page
    • Copy of both parent’s valid driver’s licenses
    • Colored copy of minor’s birth certificate.
    • IF biological parents are not the legal guardians please provide copy of official court order or legal document stating who the minor’s legal guardians are.
    • Additional information may be requested by the consulate in addition to what is listed on this guide.


  1. Non-US Passport Holders
    • Please also provide your valid U.S. Visa or Green card (MUST BE NOTARIZED)


  1. Please Select the State of Residence based on your Driver's License from the dropdown list below. Jurisdiction Fee's are not applicable to all the states.

  2. You can select your prefered service from the table below, make sure you include which state you are residing and select it from the dropdown list from step 1.

    Brazil Visa Fees
    CountryVisa typeVP2Go pricingConsular feeDescriptionItem price
    BrazilTourist175.0090.00REGULAR (10 Business Day Processing)265.00SELECT
    BrazilBusiness175.0090.00REGULAR (10 Business Day Processing)265.00SELECT
  3. Gather all necessary documents and requirements then just send everything to us and we handle the rest of the process.

 Additional Fees (if applicable)

  • Online Application Handling  ................................................................................................$25.00
    • VP2Go can complete the online form if you choose to complete the PDF/Handwrite version of the form
    • Travelers who submit the PDF/Handwrite version of the application form will be charged the Online Application Handling fee.
  • Upload Fee  ............................................................... ..............................................................$10.00
    • VP2Go will upload any documents to the online application form that the traveler did not upload.


Important Consular / Visa Processing Information

  1. Travelers must double-check their visas upon receipt to ensure all information is accurate. If any discrepencies are discovered please notify VP2Go IMMEDIATELY.
  2. Regardless if you’ve ever had a Brazilian passport, birth certificate, etc., the Brazilian Government still deems those born in Brazil as Brazilian citizens. VP2Go can assist with your visa request once you have officially renounced your Brazilian citizenship.
  3. Processing times may vary with your consulate's jurisdiction.
  4. Processing times are in business days.
  5. The visa officer reserves the right to grant visas between 90 days to 10 years. The consulate has a jurisdictional policy with issuance of any visa.  Please call us prior to sending your documents if you are unsure of your consular jurisdiction.
  6. Fees and processing times for non-U.S. passport holders may vary from the published fees above.
  7. Consular fees are subject to change without notice.
  8. Embassy visa processing fees:
    • Angola - $50
    • Australia - $55
    • Canada - $85
    • Japan - $45
    • Nigeria - $85
    • North Korea - $50
    • Laissez - Passer - Applicants must apply in person
    • USA - $160
    • All other countries - $40


Need Your Passport Back After Sending to VP2Go? 

If for any reason you need to retract your visa application after it has been submitted please email the below to

  1. Please include your full name in the subject line of your email (example: Jane Doe – Indian Visa Withdrawal).
  2. A letter addressed to “Embassy of Brazil, Consular Section, USA” explaining why you need to withdraw your passport.

Passport withdrawals from the consulate can take a minimum of 3-4 days. Passports that are withdrawn will not have a valid visa. Consular and service fees are not refundable.




If you have any questions, please email or call us at 1-800-598-7240

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Please Note: You will need Adobe Reader to open our fillable order forms.  The latest version of Adobe Reader is available for free:

PDF  Brazil Instruction Guide
PDF  Brazil Application Form DC
PDF  Brazil Application Form NY
PDF  Brazil Authorization For A Minor Form