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Passport Services

First Time Passport instruction Guide

Why wait 4 to 6 weeks for your passport? We offer a variety of processing services fit for every budget.
You can get your passport in 10 business days or less. Passport forms are available to download or can be completed online.

Assistance is always available by email at or calling 1-800-598-7240



  • You have never acquired a U.S. Passport in the past.
  • Your last U.S. Passport is over 15 years from date of issue, therefore not qualified for renewal.
  • Never lost a U.S. Passport
  • Must be a U.S. born citizen or naturalized citizen of the United States.

STEP 1:   Collect Passport Requirements

  1.  Completed DS-11 Passport Application Form
    • Print the form upon completion
    • Do NOT sign the form.
  2. Signed Passport Authorization Form
    • Signed in blue ink only
    • Signed with the signature as in your most recent passport book
  3. Two (2) 2”x2” Passport Quality Photos
    • Must be high quality
    • Printed on photo paper
    • Neutral facial expression
    • No Glasses
    • Front facing
  4. Copy of your flight or cruise itinerary
  5. Check or Money Order for $170.00 payable to “U.S. State Department – Passport Services”
  6. Proof of U.S. Citizenship
    • Please send at least one of the following:
      • Expired U.S. Passport (ORIGINAL)
      • Birth Certificate (ORIGINAL OR CERTIFIED COPY)
      • Naturalization Certificate (ORIGINAL)

STEP 2:   Have Your Passport Documents Verified by a Passport Officer at a capable U.S. Post Office

  • Once your documents have been verified they will be enclosed in a special envelope.
  • Appointment may be required at some post office locations. To find a location near you please visit USPS.COM

STEP 3:   Complete a Passport Order Form

  • Select the desired processing option from the chart below. Upon completion a PDF form will generate. Please print and sign the form.

STEP 4:   Send your sealed envelope and and completed Passport Order Form to VP2Go:


Visas & Passports 2 Go

4400 MacArthur Blvd NW

Suite 302

Washington, DC 20007


Please Note:

You will need Adobe Reader to open our fillable order forms.  The latest version of Adobe Reader is available for free here:

Passport services & Fees

Visa typeVP2Go pricingConsular feeDescriptionItem price
First Time Passport95.000.00(First Time Passport) prepaid at the Post office / (Regular Service)7-10 business days to process95.00SELECT
First Time Passport195.000.00(First Time Passport) prepaid at the Post office / (Rush Service)4-5 business days to process195.00SELECT
First Time Passport295.000.00(First Time Passport) prepaid at the Post office / (Expedited Service)2-3 business days to process295.00SELECT
First Time Passport395.000.00(First Time Passport) prepaid at the Post office / (Emergency Service)24 hours to process395.00SELECT