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Travel Registration

We can assist U.S. Passport Holders with registering their trip to the U.S. Department of State. Registration helps the American Embassy locate you in case of an emergency.

The U.S. Department of state recommends, all U.S. Citizens traveling abroad, to register their trip for their safety.

What we need

Send us your application along with a visa order form and/or passport order form. On the order form please indicate that you want us to register your trip by checking the appropriate box.

Fill out the emergency contact information on the Travel Registration Form below. If you need more information or additional services, please give us a call.

VP2Go Travel Registration Form

What is Travel Registration?

The U.S. Department of State allows U.S. Citizens to register their travel abroad. Registration provides the U.S. Department of State with information about your upcoming trip. In emergencies, the American Embassies and consular officers can help you.

As an additional service, Vp2go registers your trip to the U.S. Department of State, so you can enjoy a hassle free trip.

Why Should I register?

If you register your trip, you help the embassy or consulate locate and contact you. Registering your trip provides the added security and assurance for your safety. In case you are a victim of crime, accident, or illness, the U.S. embassies and consulates can assist you.

When an emergency occurs, such as a natural disaster, terrorism, or civil conflicts during your trip, the U.S. embassy or consulate can be your critical source of assistance and relief.

What services will I receive from VP2Go?

For a small service fee, VP2Go will register your information with the U.S. Department of State, including your emergency contact information. Also, we will provide you with "Country Specific Information," including up to date, "Travel Warnings."

What services will I receive from the U.S. Department of State?

U.S. consular officers assist travelers who encounter severe medical, legal or financial difficulties. The embassies and consular officers will be your source to obtain legal representation or to arrange for medical assistance. They provide loans to destitute travelers, and make available: information about the dangerous conditions which may affect your travel in the region.

The U.S. Department of State will locate travelers in case of family or personal emergencies. Also, they arrange evacuation transportation in cases of natural disaster or other dangerous events such as civil conflicts.

Without travel registration, the Embassy will be unable to help travelers in a fast, efficient manner. Since many of the services that the Embassies provide are emergency situations, failure to register may lead to delays when you need help the most.

If you need immediate assistance please visit the Department of State's U.S. Embassies, Consulates, & Diplomatic Missions website.

How do you sign up for travel registration?

Simply fill out our visa or passport order form and indicate that you want us to register your trip. Also, include your emergency contact information when sending us your passport. If you need instructions or have any questions, please visit our travel registration page or give us a call.

VP2Go Travel Registration Order Form

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