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Passport Replacement Program

VP2Go designed this program for U.S. Passport Holders, to help our travelers safeguard their passports from loss, theft, and damage.

This is an additional service we provide to our clients. At a small cost, it allows our travelers a provision against accidents. Also, it offers our clients peace of mind and added convenience.

What we need

Please fill out the DS-11, DS-64, and the Letter of Authorization. The forms can be found here.

Include with your application: Passport photos, Certified original of your birth certificate, Passport Service Fee, and Travel itinerary.

For detailed instructions please visit our passport page here.

What is VP2GO's Passport Replacement Program?

Our passport replacement program is a way for our clients to safeguard their U.S. Passport.

As an additional service, Vp2go offers a passport replacement program, so you can enjoy the added security of passport coverage.

What is covered by VP2GO?

If you sign up for our passport replacement program, and if your passport is lost, stolen or damaged, we will waive our service fee for you to replace your passport. Also, we will waive standard shipping fees for your completed passport.

The Passport Replacement Program is only valid for the lifetime of your current passport.

What is not covered by VP2GO?

Our clients are responsible for: the Passport Agency fees, passport photos, application execution, and overnight delivery of your application to us.

Coverage does not include passport renewals, name changes, replacement of visas, transfer of visas, additional passport pages, or additional documents included in your passport.

Why Should I sign up for the Passport Replacement Program?

You should sign up for the Passport Replacement Program to protect your passport from loss, theft, or damage. Also, it ensures that your passport replacement process is quick, easy, and convenient. Sign up for our passport replacement program, and we'll make replacing your valued passport, our priority.

How do you sign up for the Passport Replacement Program?

Simply fill out our visa or passport order form and indicate that you want to participate in the Passport Replacement Program. If you need instructions or have any questions please give us a call.

What do I do if my passport is lost, stolen, or damaged?

To make a claim, email us at or give us a call at 1-800-598-7240.

Additionally, you can find instructions and applications here. Please remember to make all claims in a timely manner.

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